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Lenawee Christian Water Park

Lenawee, Adrian, Michigan

Project Overview

This project is the design of an outdoor park for Lenawee Christian Ministries located in Adrian, MI.
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Unique Factors

  • The park is located outside of the Lenawee Christian School.
  • Features an Air Pillow Jumper, a Splash Pad, Swimming Pool and other play structures.
  • The park is surrounded by a decorative metal fence.
  • It was designed to keep a large group of members coming to the Center in off school season as well as attract new membership.

Key Outcomes

  • When in use throughout the spring and summer it serves as a key marketing tool for new members to join since so many people are having fun using the facility.
  • Is at the cross roads of high vehicle traffic. The moving water and colorful play areas are seen by 1000’s of people a day.
  • Members love this new feature.